Making Good Choices

Parents want their children to make good choices. When kids grow up making poor choices, they can miss out on many great things in life including good health. Teaching the idea of “making good choices” to even very young children can set the stage for a lifetime of success.

Created to be enjoyed together, this work will help adults guide and encourage children to understand the consequences of healthy and poor choices. Beautiful illustrations and a hidden frog on every page will capture the attention of young readers and bring the stories to life. Exploring this book with children will empower them to develop a foundation for healthy living.

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Healthy Choices, Happy Kids is Coming in May!

We are pleased to announce that HEALTHY CHOICES, HAPPY KIDS will be available in MAY, 2014! Get ready to read your children a book that will not only encourage healthy choices but engage them with wonderful, fun illustrations! Take a look at our pages on how pictures teach, how to make choices fun and the resources available to aid your journey as a parent.
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Learning and applying the concepts in Healthy Choices, Happy Kids doesn’t end with the book!     EARLY CHILDHOOD BOOKS   Magic for Early Childhood: Practical Parenting from Birth to Six Years (Book) Get help with: potty training, daycare, back-talk, whining and many more everyday stresses faced by parents of toddlers   Toddlers and Pre-schoolers (CD) Parents are often astonished to find their sweet,
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